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But what the hell! It was not as easy as Black Charcoal had made it out to be. This was especially so when Black Charcoals innocent-looking eyes seemed to question why he was stupid!


Each testee had entered telling themselves that this was a test, and they had to control themselves well. But Wang Zheng had entered seeing if he could be wholly tested, and if he could make a breakthrough. This was a trial that had to be faced seriously.


Indeed, in the past, no one had managed to. The dark horses failed at the top four, and entering the finals would be impossible. The bigger the event, the more likely this was to be true. For those who made it by chance, they would most likely be annihilated.


What needed defence was the Mayan’s Energy Force Field. It was not a problem for Sidney. What looked like flamboyant attacks may be deemed as a threat during IG, but for SIG, it merely looked good, like a wallpaper.


At this point, Fatty was clear of what he should do. If the opponents strength lies in a battle of perseverance, he should hasten the pace of the battle and catch his opponent off guard.


Although he was drinking, he was not drowning his sorrows. He merely wanted to find a quiet place to be alone and to sort out his thoughts at the same time.

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The Rune Warriors struck continuously, but the Rune Swords could not shatter any of the icicles. Only after using the original force could the icicles be shattered.


The Heavenly King mech fired a shot from the Dragon Spear. Even at such a critical time, Achilles added a spiral force to his shot. However, it was useless. It only swept the battle axe aside. The Frenzy mech landed on the ground, legs bent, but rose up instantly. A humans muscles needed a buffer to withstand the force, then erupt. However, to a power-type warrior, this was what the other types of warriors could not compare. Many people had seen an average power-type warrior, but they had never seen an Earth-rank two power-type warrior.


How could Fairy Federation ever hope to compete with Lya Sphinx? Mu Lei knew this in his heart, but still mouthed the niceties.


The Heavenly Crystal King suddenly disappeared right before Sidney. Vanished right in front of everyone’s sight. NO!


As the Overlord slowly approached, devoid of all mental fluctuations, Di Maria’s mental strength was coagulating.


The Hercules was forced to bounce up and accelerate at high speed as well. The performance of this mech was average, but its tenacity was very strong. Thus, it was suitable for a super warrior to unleash his performance. However, the mech lacked agility. Wang Zhengs control could crush his opponent. However, this time his opponent was Aragorn.


Wang Zheng did not evade, and the Phantom King’s Rune Sword thrusted forward. The energy ball that looked efflux was very well known, but there was no explosion.



The Astina battle team was roaring, cheering Sidney on. This was their style, a one-person team, the prayers of the team. Each time anyone came on, it carried the courage of the entire team.



Everyone was holding their breath. At such a level of energy, there was insufficient time for surrender, not to mention the Rune Warrior did not have an energy shield. Even if it had, under such attacks, the mech-level energy shield was only an insignificant organism.


Wang Zheng’s every word described his biggest problem. Since Kashawen had given him a chance, then he would force her to stand by it.


From today onwards, the title of the bravest warriors will have to go to the Titans, said Jondi Lilick softly. Using the physical body to confront a mech, even a super warrior would never even dare to think of doing this. Even if the attacking strength was sufficient, the defensive strength would be far from sufficient.

  • The entire arena was enveloped with spiritual power when the Rune Sword was raised. Such strength and control was definitely the most frightening since the start of the competition.
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